Where to Place Air Purifier? [A Full Guide]


Air purifiers are becoming increasingly important in our modern world, where the air quality inside can greatly affect our health and well-being. These devices work diligently to create a cleaner and healthier living environment. However, the effectiveness of an air purifier greatly depends on its placement. But where to place air purifier?

In this detailed guide, we’ll look at science-backed ways to place your air purifier so that it works best.

Our guide will help you identify the best spots to position your air purifier in an apartment or a larger home. Don’t wait; let’s get started!

Where to Place Air Purifier in Living Room?

When placing an air purifier in your living room, strategic positioning can make a difference in the air you breathe. Follow these suggestions to optimize your air purifier’s effectiveness in the living room. Continue reading!

  1. Near High Traffic Zones: Place the air purifier near areas where foot traffic is highest. This will help capture pollutants like dust, pet dander, and even outdoor allergens before they spread throughout the room.
  2. Strategic Distance from Walls: Position the air purifier at least a foot away from walls, furniture, and other obstructions. This allows for optimal air intake and circulation, ensuring the purifier can efficiently filter the air.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: While natural light is wonderful, avoid placing the purifier directly in sunlight. Heat can affect the device’s efficiency, so opt for a spot that’s well-lit but away from direct sun exposure.
  4. Elevated Surfaces: Placing the air purifier on an elevated surface, like a table or shelf, can enhance its overall performance. 
  5. Centralized Location: While not necessarily in the middle of the room, try positioning the purifier centrally within the living room. This aids in even air distribution and efficient coverage.

Remember, every living room is unique, so adjust these guidelines based on your specific layout and needs. The optimized operation requires routine maintenance as well, such as cleansing the filters and monitoring the device’s performance.

So, adjust your air purifier using these suggestions to have a good living environment.

Where to Place Air Purifier in Bedroom?

Where to Place Air Purifier in Bedroom?

You spend a lot of time sleeping and recharging in your bedroom, so breathing fresh air is important. If you have an air purifier in your bedroom, read along!

Here’s a detailed guide on where to place your air purifier in the bedroom:

  1. Near the Bed: Placing the air purifier near your bed ensures you receive the maximum benefit of clean air while sleeping. This position is especially effective for allergies or respiratory issues, as it can help reduce nighttime symptoms.
  2. Optimal Airflow: Position the air purifier so that it has optimal airflow. Avoid placing it directly against the wall or furniture that might obstruct airflow. This allows the purifier to capture and circulate the air in the room efficiently.
  3. Avoid Obstructions: Keep the air purifier away from obstructions such as curtains, shelves, or other objects that could hinder its effectiveness. The goal is to allow the purifier to draw in air from all directions and ensure thorough purification.
  4. Away from Electronics: Keep the air purifier away from electronic devices that generate heat or electromagnetic interference. Such devices can affect the purifier’s performance and lifespan.

Also, the size of the room and the purifier’s coverage area affect how well it works, so keep these things in mind when choosing where to put your air filter.

Can You Put an Air Purifier on the Floor?

Can You Put an Air Purifier on the Floor?

Yes, but it’s not recommended.

Placing an air purifier on the floor might seem convenient, but you still need to make some important considerations.

While it’s not entirely off-limits, there are some reasons why putting an air purifier on the floor might not be the most optimal choice.

  • Firstly, air purifiers filter the air from their surroundings before releasing it into the room. Placing the purifier on the floor can hinder its ability to capture pollutants effectively.
  • Air pollutants disperse unevenly within a room, with heavier particles settling closer to the ground. If you put the air purifier higher up, it can catch more pollutants, including some that might not reach the unit on the floor. So, placing it on the floor might limit its reach and efficiency.
  • Additionally, floor-level placement can lead to more dust and debris accumulating on the floor. This can cause the cleaner to get clogged more quickly, making the purifier less effective and possibly increasing the cost of upkeep.

Hence, for the best results, consider placing the air purifier at a moderate height, preferably on a table or a sturdy piece of furniture. This allows the purifier to circulate the air in the room better. If floor space is limited, wall mounting the purifier can also be viable.

Do Air Purifiers Need to Be in the Middle of the Room?

Do Air Purifiers Need to Be in the Middle of the Room?

Yes! But somewhere else is also accessible.

The notion that an air purifier must be positioned precisely in the middle of the room is a common misconception. There are various factors to consider when deciding where to place an air purifier for optimal results.

Understanding Air Circulation

Air purifiers are designed to pull in air from their surroundings, filter out pollutants, and release cleaner air back into the room. Placing the purifier in a location with good air circulation is crucial for its efficiency. While the center of a room might seem logical, it’s not always necessary.

Strategic Placement

Instead of focusing on the exact center of the room, place the air purifier so that it can effectively remove pollutants from the whole area. Consider placing the purifier near areas where pollutants are more likely present, such as near odors, smoke, or dust.

If your room has a dominant airflow pattern, positioning the purifier in the path of this flow can help it circulate air more efficiently.

Which Direction Should Air Purifier Face?

Which Direction Should Air Purifier Face?

To ensure proper air circulation, it’s recommended to place the air purifier in a way that allows it to intake air from the most polluted areas.

Recommended Direction

In most cases, the recommended approach is to place the air purifier near doorways, walls, and windows. This allows the purifier to draw air across the room, creating a consistent airflow pattern. The clean, purified air is then released back into the room, helping to distribute fresh air evenly throughout the space.

Also, putting the air purifier in the middle of the room can help the air move around more easily. This keeps the air from getting stuck in pockets and ensures the purifier cleans the whole room.

Avoiding Obstructions

When placing your air purifier, ensure no obstructions are blocking the airflow. Keep it away from walls, curtains, and furniture that could impede the intake or discharge of air. This will help the purifier function optimally and maintain a healthy airflow rate.

Should Air Purifiers Be on All the Time?

Should Air Purifiers Be on All the Time?

The answer, in short, is yes. Keeping your air purifier on all the time is the best way to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

Air purifiers are made to clean the air constantly, eliminating pollutants, allergens, and other bad things. Keeping the air purifier on ensures the consistent and efficient removal of these particles from your living spaces.

Indoor air quality is not static. Environmental pollution, household activities, and even the number of occupants impact it. Continuous operation of the air purifier helps maintain a consistent level of purification.

Modern air purifiers are designed to be energy-efficient. Running the purifier on lower settings during quieter times saves energy while maintaining air quality.

In conclusion, keep your air purifier running for the best results and a healthier living environment.


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